A Night with the Arctic Princess

She was beautiful. She was elusive. She was magical.

People traveled long and far to spend a night with her and even after that they would have no idea how many nights they had to wait or how long each night they had to wait before she decided to give herself to them.

We were but a miniscule part of this large zealous fan group who had been fantasizing a night with her for several years now. With this hope we began our journey and left our homes wishing fervently that she would deem it fit to spend at least 2 mins of at least 1 night with each of us. Every day, we keenly followed the rumors of the town as to where she was for the following night and traveled there looking for her

One such night when the whispers and rumors were the strongest, we traveled to wait outside what they claimed was her home from 10 pm onwards. It was pitch dark and we could see nothing but were sure that if she came out, the darkness would get engulfed in her glow in a single second. We waited with bated breath. 2 hours passed and we were freezing in the cold at -10 degree Celcius. 4 hours passed and our fingers and toes felt lifeless with pain, but we knew we had traveled too far and waited too long to lose this opportunity to spend the night with her. 5 hours passed and we thought our ears were frozen enough to break if someone flicked them.

And then suddenly, from behind the mountain we saw a faint glow of a green robe. We stopped breathing. We were hoping against all hope that tonight will be our night with her and this was not a trick our mind was playing on our eyes. Oh god, the green glow was getting stronger. It was getting bigger. Oh god, she was getting closer. Our cold vanished and our bodies warmed in her glow as she got closer to us. She stretched her hands and suddenly the whole sky glimmered in her greenish glow. And then she did the most breathtaking thing ever- She danced her famous dance! We were truly blessed. Not only had she deemed us fit to give us a glimpse of herself, but had decided to seduce us with her dance. Her dance lasted for the next ten minutes with varying intensities and the heavens basked in her glow.  Greenish robe with intermittent red swirls, one minute here and the next second there, we were turning in our place and running everywhere she called out to us, like a mad mob.

Finally she slowed down and let the sky bask in her greenish glow, slowly evaporating and moving away. No, we did not want her to go. We ran behind her but she ran faster. We cried asking her to come back, but she ran faster. We were addicted now. In her final disappearing act, she left us one message- “Come back tomorrow. Come back every night looking for me at where ever you hear I am for that night. Wait with patience and if I deem you fit, I may come spend another night with you”.

We replied – “Not one, not two but we will come looking for you every single night and wait for you every single night hoping against hope that you will deem it fit to spend another one minute with us”

That was the magic of this elusive Arctic Princess named “Aurora Borealis”.


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