Icelandic Saga part 1: Reykjavik & Reykjanes

Would love for you to read the “Icelandic Saga” post first before you proceed to this post, to appreciate this better! Humor me with this favor please 🙂

The Icelandic Saga

The city of Reykjavik which is rebelling in every corner to not be called a city because of the overdose of natural landscapes jutting into it at every angle- The Hallsgrimkirkja Church, the view of the city from top, the seaside walk to the harbor along the gorgeous cliffs, the Harpa concert hall by the sea, the quaint cafe by the harbor, the vibrant night life, the golden circle drive comprising the Thingvellir park with the Silfra intercontinental dive site, the mighty Geysir, the even mightier Gulfoss and of course our cozy cottage where we ate delightful home cooked food made with delightfully cheap deals bought at Kronan super market (More power to Potatoes, milk and Eggs-The joy of cheap food in Iceland is unimaginable)

The Hallsgrimkirkja Church- Its’ unique architecture is inspired fromt he basalt columns found on the Icelandic coastlines; Another theory was that it resembles the keys of a piano


View of the colorful Reykjavik town from atop the Church

Even the car parks look so good here 🙂
The skeleton of a viking boat en route the coastal walk to the harbor
A spot like this in the middle of the city – My brother’s blissful expression here defines what a city with so much nature in it can do to its residents
A view like this in the center of the city-You can see the happiness on our faces
Grafitti on every wall competing with the stark whiteness of the snow all round
A quaint cafe by the seaside that served amazing local Icelandic hot chocolate (The hot chocolate was 2 times more expensive than Beer though 🙂 )
Our Drive partner for the golden circle
Where else will you find a road sign that says “Scuba Diver crossing” except in the Home of the Silfra fissure which is the intercontinental divide point between America & Europe
Silfra Fissure Scuba diving- A 6 feet tall person can actually touch both Europe and America at this point, which has a crystal clear visibility of 100m below the sea
The Mighty Gulfoss – This falls had so many levels to it that from each level it looks like a different waterfall. We were lucky to even catch the rainbow from the top level
Enjoying a moment with one of my favorite people in this world 🙂


The blue bubble starts forming before the eruption





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