Icelandic Saga Part 2- South & East Beauties

Would love for you to read the “Icelandic Saga” post first before you proceed to this post, to appreciate this better! Humor me with this favor please 🙂

The Icelandic Saga

The road from Reykjavik to Hofn via Vik, along the Vatnajokull glacier is filled with something magnificent every 100 m that it is worth spending an entire vacation just on this route.

It begins with the magic canyon which is aptly named so as it looks likes a rocky mountain from outside but a little deeper exploring suddenly reveals a hidden waterfall inside through a small cave entrance in the canyon. The sudden discovery of this hidden waterfall and the splashing of its water on your face as soon you walk through the cave entrance is delightful in a childlike way.


A few hundred meters from this magic canyon is a waterfall which is the only waterfall in the world behind which one can walk -Seljalandsfoss

It almost feels like a see through curtain behind which one can walk and see the falls both from the front and back. It becomes that much more special in the winter as the entire path up to the back of the falls is icy and slippery making the end result of catching the beauty from behind that much more worth it.


The lustrous and friendly Icelandic horses,along the way

Just when you think you have seen all the beautiful waterfalls of Iceland, the next one hits you right on the main road- Skogafoss (It means the Forest Waterfall)


Just when your eyes gets adjusted to the stark whiteness of the water, the snow and the icy routes to each of these falls, next comes an expanse of pitch black- Vik’s Beach with pitch black sand and jet black basalt columns with gigantic smashing the columns.


A moment of unadulterated freedom


DSC09245 (2016-02-25T15_14_54.147)
I love you Varun 🙂 For doing your best to make this wonderful happen!

A night spent in a old boarding school in the middle of no where making it a perfect base for the hunting of the elusive Aurora Borealis

A Night with the Arctic Princess (Check out this post for the magical Aurora experience)


A dawn date with the Reindeer after a full night out with the Aurora

The next set of experiences on this route are probably a huge signature of Iceland and for good reason- The Jokulsarlon Lagoon and the Iceberg Beach


I love to see you so relaxed and happy on the Ice throne (Who cares about the Iron throne)

I have saved the best experience on this route for the last- The Ice Cave Expedition (I am not going to attempt describing it or writing about it for reasons only a believer may understand)

Stretching our backs after a 100m crawl
Outside the ice Cave- Liberty in a surreal world in the middle of a blizzard

The route from the Ice Cave back Reykjavik is when you get a glimpse of the other worldly looking wall of the Vatnajokul glacier. It is for good reason that Interstellar was shot here. Visitors were not allowed to go up the wall in winter because of landslides, but what is the fun without breaking rules 🙂 And the result of this risk were some unforgettable views





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