The Icelandic Saga

“The Land of Ice And Fire” as it is referred to, makes you feel like you have to live up to it in order to deserve to experience it. I am not a religious person, but my time in this country made me understand for the first time the difference between a religious and spiritual experience. It made me want to cry with joy and thank someone up there that I was deemed deserving to experience this country. The sights make you go weak in your knees and the people make you wish that you could steal their spirit in this birth and be born an Icelander next birth. I may sound like a fool saying these things but the overwhelmed feeling has refused to leave me even though it has been 3 months since I returned. SO much so that I have not had the courage to write about it or narrate it to anyone as the nostalgia makes me tear up even in private. Also because of the fear that nothing I say or write will ever do justice to the real experience and the idea of doing injustice to such a pure entity like Iceland, was unimaginable for me. I have finally decided to face up to the fear not because I feel I will do justice to it but because I hope that this outburst will aid in alleviating my nostalgia a bit at least.. The least I can do to minimize the injustice I may potentially do is to keep my words to a minimum and let the photographs do the talking.

While the expeditions and  landscapes was the day part of the story, the other side of this beautiful story were the nights spent Aurora hunting, scouting for cheapest food deals available, amazing cooking once in a while, relaxing in hot pools and drinking away to glory (Jack Fire you rock)

What we shared in this trip was amazing. I love you guys- Srinath, Varun & Arjun

It began on 7th Feb 2017 with our Icelandic itinerary divided into 3 parts – Reykjavik & Reykjanes, South eastern Iceland, Northern Iceland (The rest I left out to have another reason to return here again). I have divided this post also in the same way such that each part of Iceland has a separate post dedicated to it .

1.Icelandic Saga Part 1- Reykjavik & Reykjanes Peninsula

Iceland Saga part 1: Reykjavik & Reykjane

2. Icelandic Saga Part 2- South Eastern Iceland

Iceland Saga Part 2- South & East Beauties

3. Icelandic Saga Part 3- Northern Iceland

Icelandic Saga Part 3- Northern Iceland

4. The Aurora Borealis

A Night with the Arctic Princess



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