Busting the Scuba Diving Barrier of Fear- “Mind Games for a Sea of Change”

Here I have tried to relive my first diving trip experience in the sequence of how I felt initially and how my fear myth was broken with each passing dive to slowly make it an ecstatic experience.Hopefully yours too will as I went on to become a certified diver at the end of  it.

“My Vision was clouded. My Eyes were burning. There was too much sand all around with nothing to see. I was kicking hard continuously. My mouth was clasp shut. There was an object in my mouth. I could not speak. I could not breathe through my nose. Something was blocking my nose every time I tried. My throat was hoarse with trying to suck air through my mouth. I wanted water but could not get a single drop. There were strange creatures around me. I wanted to scream but I could not. I was panicking” – The First Dive Underwater 

“My Vision was a multitude of beautiful colors amidst a hue of blue. My Eyes were burning with the desire to take in as much as possible of this new world. There was a whole world to see in the sand around me with curious formations and creatures sticking their heads out. I was gracefully kicking my fin feet to propel myself to the next beautiful reef ahead. My mouth was comfortably clasp shut around my air supply, giving me pure un-polluted air to breathe. I dint want to speak at all and just wanted to see and feel the new world. My nose was resting comfortably inside my mask having transferred its job to my mouth. My throat was dry with thirst for more of this world. I wanted water but was willing to wait if it meant more time in this world. There were gorgeous Fish & corals around me everywhere. I wanted to scream with delight but I could not. I was Ecstatic.” – The Later Dives Underwater

Same Mind, Same thing, Same Place, Different Perspective. MIND GAMES for a “Sea” of Change.




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